Friday, April 29, 2011

Chinese Rockets Used Against Mongols and Pirates!

(photo and article found on the lovely blog "Multiculturalism For Steampunk)

Actually we would probably be using these sort of rockets to help a bunch of pirates. Can't imagine who, but surely we know someone that would really like them!  Hmmmm, the Seven Pirate Lords of China perhaps???  They have been very useful against the British there after all.  We haven't fought too many pirates ourselves as that tends to spoil the joint parties we often hold with them, but we did do a lot of fighting against Mongols and Turks, using just this sort of thing to start off the sea battle, back in the 16th century I believe.  Of course we cheat, because we have many friends in the far east, a lot of money, and I carried a military history library back in time with me just for that purpose.  Se below:

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