Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wooden Gears For Sale at http://cogbots.com/

One of the great challenges of Steampunk fabricators and designers is the dearth of available brass gears and the difficulty and expense of making functional, or even decorative ones of your own.   We bought a cutter that cuts lovely ones from metal foil, but getting a good backing so they have some depth and getting them to stay glued down well enough that a cog doesn't pull loose and start cutting people requires a lot of time and special procedures making it almost too much trouble.  A new solution has been found using the earliest and most traditional form of gears.  They are made of hardwood and come in much larger sizes than are normally available in brass at any price we can afford.  They appear to be precision cut by some sort of computerized equipment from half inch thick Oak plywood for excellent strength and functionality without the usual cost (in the hundreds) for gears of this size if cut from brass.  Take a look at their site by clicking the link below:

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