Wednesday, October 13, 2010

List of Steampunk Related Bands-Courtesy of Toby Lawhon

Toby Lawhon, lead singer of "Marquis of Vaudville" was kind enough to forward his listing of bands he considered to be "Steampunk" which he had compiled over the years in the field and had posted for the Steampunk Illumination Society here in the Dallas Area of Texas.

"The following is a list of music that can be considered steampunk. Within this list are examples of various styles of music, from all over the world, of classical, to folk, to jazz, rock, punk, electronica, tribal, etc.; an interesting and eclectic blend of music ranging from marching bands to cabaret. This list encompasses the eras typically associated with Steampunk through Dieselpunk (20's-50's). Being too critical & scrutinizing with chronological semantics concerning timeline accuracy and music of certain periods would greatly limit the wonderful diversity of the steampunk genre. If the music has somewhat of a vintage, old-world feel about it, along with a modern or futuristic twist, then it can be appropriate.
Please keep in mind that this of course is by no means a complete or definitive list. There are literally thousands of bands that could
fall under the steampunk parasol. This list is merely a quality starting point for those who wish to delve into music with a steampunk air about it, or if one is already familiar with music within the steampunk realm, this list is merely an excellent way to discover something new."

Abney Park:

Circus Contraption:

(The) Clockwork Dolls:

(The) Clockwork Quartet:

(The) Cog is Dead:

(The) Crow Quill Night Owls:

Curtis Eller's American Circus:

(The) Dad Horse Experience:

(The) Decemberists:

(The) Ditty Bops:

Dr. Steel:

(The) Dresden Dolls:

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band:

Evelyn Evelyn:


Flogging Molly:

Gogol Bordello:

(The) Gypsy Nomads:

Hellblinki Sextet:

Jason Webley:

Jill Tracy:

Juan Prophet Organization:

Marcella & the Forget Me Nots:

Marie Fleur MacGillis:

Marie-Josee Houle:

Marquis of Vaudeville:

Mediaeval Baebes:

(The) Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing:


Mr. Fibby:

Neo Camerata:

Patrick and Eugene:

Paul Mercer:

(The) Peryls:



Robin Aigner:

Serendipity Musik:

Steam Powered Giraffe:

Sterilize Stereo:

Sunday Driver (UK):

Toy-Box Trio:

Vagabond Opera:

Vermilion Lies:

Vernian Process:

(The) Widows Bane:

Yard Dogs Road Show:

Sites to Discover More Steampunk Music:


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    -Helene de Fer

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  3. Thanks for including Sunday Driver are writing a new album now... keep up with us at