Friday, April 19, 2013

Psyche Chimere Discusses Psyche Corporation's Future

I recently explored further into the recent past and future of Psyche Corporation with their resident Evil Genius Inventor Type, with a voice- (among other things, *evil grin inserted here*)  to die for -  Psyche Chimere!

I asked directly about the great variety of musicians and dancers she performs with in various videos.  She tells me that her favorite dancers live in Ithaca, New York, so they always perform with her at “The Haunt” and at whatever other events can afford their transportation costs, but that she often permits local dancers, who are able and willing to contribute interpretive dance to the act, to perform with her in order to make her performances a more participative and entertaining event.

As for musicians, she has regulars that perform on guitar and cello, with occasional addition of other instruments, but she travels with those that are able to make the event and uses backup recordings of each for any that are unable to attend.  Percussion and backup vocals apparently she does herself prior to the show, but Psyche Corporation experiments with a variety of approaches to music, so nothing is set in stone.  I then asked about past, present, and immediate future performances planned.  Here's what she gave us:

2011-Last year is the first year I really expanded into more conventions outside of the Wicked Events circuit (they do conventions, [such as Steampunk World's Fair, Wicked Faire, Geeky Kink Event] and that's how I started in conventions).  This has gone well, and I tend to get more fans whenever I perform at a new convention or hosting event because then I reach people who haven't heard of me before but who are likely to enjoy my music, since I go to conventions where much of my target demographic goes.  I've just noticed over time that the people who like my music are Steampunk, Goth, intellectual, geeky and/or have a thing for Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

Future - 2012- This year I am returning to the same conventions from 2011 more or less, while tentatively doing a few new ones in other states if they're able to cover transportation.
I try not to cut back on performing unless it is done to focus on something else that helps the music. In this case, I am dedicating that time to working on the 4th album primarily for this year while maintaining a  'holding pattern' on the conventions I'm doing. I do all the conventions that are locally convenient and large, plus some faraway ones that have travel stipends, and don't actively look for [any extra] bookings this year.

I would like to take this year to push online promotions, perhaps through youtube webisodes, or drawings, or setting up LARPs for others to play in my “angelbot” universe, doing photo-shoots with local photographers once the weather gets warmer up here, and possibly putting together an extremely simple but high production value music video for another song.  Since I take such care to craft my songs, it may be quicker to generate material for consumption via skits and storylines and puppet shows done in the Psyche Corp. universe.  These are things that, in theory, anyone could do, but which are hard for me to spend a lot of time on when I have the music and school and drawings, photoshoots, and/or music-videos to do.

Thank you Psyche Chimere   We look forward to your upcoming events and the release of your fourth Album which is much anticipated by your fans!!!

More information on The Steampunk World’s Fair can be found at

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