Kali's Hourglass Photo Gallery

Allcon 2011 Panelists and Performers

Allcon 2011 Aztec Attire & others for Multicultural Ensembles Panel

Airship Parade at Clockwork Wonderland 2011-From left to right:  Our friend Cpt. Hopkins (Steampunk Illumination Society leader), V.Adm. Radha Narasimhan, Charity Rose Notchwood, Dr. Phineas Maxwell Edison, Penny Nevin, and Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar.

 "The Cook" & Quartermaster's Mate (and a great dancer!) Pennie Nevin
The Sea Faery Queen Notchwood (on sabbatical due to periodic madness) currently serving as, ...well...for want of a better term, the "ship's sorceress".  We don't know what she does exactly, but our enemies often have severe weather problems and a really bad day if they ever arrive!  She's actually a "Tinker Faery", which means she's good with inventions, machinery, and the like, so she spends a lot of time with our inventors and mechanics. 

One of the V. Adm. Narasimhan's Indian Ensemble's with Lt. Cannonball Joe Fagan


Dancer for the Mov promo video

Queen of Heart's Guard for the Alice in Wonderland MoV promo video

Goodbye for now and fair winds to you!