Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clockwork Wonderland-Huge Success!

It was so hugely successful and so immensely poplular and well attended it was almost too crowded to move!  Even the patio was jammed with happy party goers!

We helped some setting up and more taking down, but mostly were working the theatre giving almost non-stop screenings of "Nickel Children" and the Clockwork Wonderland Video, then answering questions about either or both films.  We also managed a table to give out flyers about the Steampunk Illumination Society and answer questions about our own little Acting and dance troupe- "Kali's Hourglass".  Our new banner was finished and flying proudly the black, white, and red colors in the best traditions of the "Brethren of the Coast" even though, as an admiral of a privateer organization, I am bound to state unequivacolly that "we are not pirates".  (Well not this year anyway)  Kali's Hourglass also gave a one act play called "The Ugly Gun".  Yes my beloved gun is ugly, but very powerful!  Not only that, but as V.Adm. Radha often points out she is the only steampunk weapon in the area we know that played a tarring role in a televised film.   Right now we are too exhausted from that and rehearsing and script editing for our next performance at Carnevale of Creatures for me to write a full review, but I will do so later.  For now, the biggest news of the night was that "Master Bones Jangle", who was accompanied by his lovely and talented lady Kelsey during their set, proposed to her at the end and they are now engaged to be married!  Well, that's all for now.

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