Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call for Supporting Actors/Actresses for "the Difference Engine" events

The two areas I need the most help with right now are handling and recruiting supporting characters.  In order to make this otherwise unmanageable production more manageable, those roles will be character types that basically improvise acting out how their character would react to events as needed between acts of the play to make the event more immersive and interactive.  That way they have no set script to memorize or rehearsals to attend.  They will be civilian government or military reps. from various powerful nations (other than Britain who is at war with us at the moment) in the year 1857.  One change is that the US is split and Texas and California never joined.  Also Venice survived to take over Italy and take Machiavelli's writings along with them.

We mostly need a large number of people attending as delegates, that enjoy getting noticed, deferred to, and hamming it up, to dress well, and pretend to be government and military reps any time someone speaks to them during the event.  They will get to do things, but have no set lines or expectations otherwise.  They will naturally be free to attend all performances, panels, etc. but are simply asked to show up to the 5 acts of the play.  As little else is scheduled during each of those brief vignettes, that is more fun than burdensome.  Only a few of these are taken so far.  
If someone really wants to represent the British Empire, that would be great, but they will need a second outfit, as they would be arrested, rather visibly and loudly, carted off, and need to return as different character, as the British have sworn revenge for Dr Babbage running off with what they consider to be British military property.  Just an idea.

We still have no rep from France, Spain, Russia, Austro-Hungary, China, Japan, or Portugal, which would all be glaring omissions.  We have military reps for Germany, The Venetian Republic (Italy), and the Ottoman Empire, although some of those may not survive the play (it is a murder mystery) if others want to be seconds for them.  We also have an Egyptian rep (civilian) and possibly Persian civilian.

They are supposed to pre-register, so we know they are likely to show up, and then if two people want to be the same delegate, I select the one whose outfit looks most suited to that country and offer a different country to the other, but none are turned away for this.  There are many countries to choose from and at least one military and one civilian should attend from each.

I also need people to portray marine guards.  As the group supplying these is a multicultural and multinational force, they don't need to look alike, but will have red sashes, possibly with gears on them if we have the time.  (I have a machine that cuts metal foil into gears, but they have to be backed by something stiff or use gold painted leather ones to avoid problems with thin metal foil.)

They will act like guards and follow directions during stage performances, but again have few lines other than "Yes sir/maam, or yes Admiral" so no rehearsal is needed, and thus, I cannot expect to get free passes for them either.  Local drama departments will certainly be contacted, but you may have steampunk interested friends that would like to do this.   

We might have other roles like this (details are secret) that would involve a gun battle using steampunked cap guns, so anyone that is interested should buy an inexpensive modern cap gun, the type that use the red caps in a circle of 8, paint it with gold spray paint, then add contrasting colors such as metallic copper and brown for rust/tarnish look as well as any Steampunk accents desired and bring it ready to shoot.  That means you will need to avoid much paint, or things like hot glue, getting into functional areas of the pistol, but this is usually not a problem so long as it is just a little paint.

I would appreciate any help you could offer in stirring up interest in this area of the production.
As no rehearsals or script memorization are required for any of the above supporting characters, I cannot get them a free pass for admission, but it will make their time at the event much more fun.


Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar, Casting Director


  1. Admiral and Vice Lady, Hi! How are things going? We are having a Blast working on the Medicine Show! It may run over fifteen minutes a bit if that suits you. Otherwise we will cut corners in the non critical areas. The brainwave projector is now developed. Donna has taken Costume design and accessorizing to the level of fine art! I will come healed and protective of her but free to help you along your way! If there are meetings you want us involved with prior to the event, we could take a break in Elixer manufacturing and bottling ( and unbottling just a wee bit) in order to assist and socialize. This act has been in development stages since many conventioneers have been in diapers. It has taken on a life of it's own! If props are not too damaged by thrown tomatoes during the show, we hope to continue towards the New Years Event! Please do not allow tar into the event to go with the feathers that will assuredly be there. After all, we have a pet chicken that we do not even allow feathers on for the event. We hope to hear from you soon as our engagement in our present town is quickly coming to an end!
    Sincerely yours,
    Professor Ewell Tarr.

  2. I am a young actress. I am tall, so I can play a 15-20 year old girl

  3. Dear Steampunkwitch. If you are going to be in the Fort Worth Area for the July or January events, then write to me at and we will get you in contact with whoever is doing skits or LARPS for that event. (Same goes for any other interested) Actually it seems this type of thing is catching on at other events, so let me know what events you may be going to in the Texas Area and I will try to connect you to the right people.