Monday, September 5, 2011

Texas Now Has an Official Psyche Corporation Street Team!!!

Yes.  That's right.  First we Texans stole most of the American Southwest from our Mexican landlords at gunpoint, then we demanded the American Army extricate us after Santa Anna licked his wounds and got the rest of his Mexican Army together, next we forced a very confused image of Texans on the world with the TV show Dallas, and finally we unleashed Bush Senior's son on the unsuspecting world, so I guess we Texans are due to karmicly contribute to the world in some powerful and truly fundamental way to properly make amends.  Well here it is!

I have already spearheaded a movement to support and create access or venues for performers that are looking for ways to give free spirited self expression through the worlds of Steampunk, Clockpunk, Diesel Punk, and Post Apocalyptic Punk by promoting them through our blogs, our websites, my magazine articles and finally supporting and even program directing events (such as "The Difference Engine") for exactly that purpose.  Now we are moving into assisting our sister realm of Cyber Punk! 

Psyche Chimère - Silky Siren and Mastermind of Psyche Corporation

Texas Now Has an Official Psyche Corporation Street Team!!!  The Members of Kali's Hourglass.

We have successfully helped to promote and endorse performance groups like Airship Isabella, movies like Nickel Children, musicians like Unwoman, and bands like Marquis of Vaudville (who are now playing pretty much every steampunk event in this part of the country).  We have done this directly and indirectly through word of mouth, posting flyers, publishing blogs and magazine articles, and even creating new venues for them to perform. 

Now Kali's Hourglass has offered to take on the role of Official Street Team for the Texas Area and Psyche Chimere has graciously accepted.  I am really looking forward to promoting my absolute favorite music, fiction, performance art, and dance troupe-Psyche Corporation-as their new Southern US Street Team. 

It should be a wild and wonderful ride as all the events and projects of the Psyche Corporation always are!!! Remember  Psyche Chimère(aka the Shadow Queen) and her illustrious co-conspirators just released a slick new music video!

[The Southern US Street Team   services Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisianna.]

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