Saturday, October 1, 2011

Darwin Prophet Rocks The Difference Engine Steampunk Convention!

Darwin Prophet will be performing both Friday and Saturday evening at The Difference Engine Steampunk Convention on New Year's Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.  She will play a semi-acoustic set Friday with a full on performance Saturday Evening at the New Year's Eve Ball.  (She will go on right before Marquis of Vaudville who will then be playing until the midnight hour!)

In past echos of Darwin's travels; she was a creator in an all female
alterna-prog-rock band named Velvet Hammer, who toured extensively
through the east & southern states, released two records & garnered a
coveted publishing development deal with Island/Polygram. Darwin
co-wrote and released the symphonic popera, "Butterfly Tree" with Rick
Del Castillo of the tejano juggernaught Del Castillo.

She has been found in off broadway musicals, captured in MTV videos(Testament's
“Nobody's Fault”), on film in “Urban Cowboy”,as house singer at the
world-famous Gilley’s Nightclub, heavy metal front chick for the band
Blacksheep (which started the careers of Marzi Montezzari of Marzi and Blas Elias of
Slaughter), Big Band vocalist, show band vocalist in Atlantic City, touring psychedelic-folk goddess
in Green Crown and solo performer Wyrdgrl,at nationwide pagan & music
fests, and as songwriter for Peer/Southern Publishing in NYC.

The latest releases from “Under the Bed” include “Don't Panic” -
homage to Planet Mi & stories from round a few galaxies, and “Oscar
Wilde's Serenade”, thirteen poems penned by the immortal Oscar Wilde &
translated with love into song by Darwin.

The Chronus Mirror is the device thru which she bends the rings of concentric infinity into a single moment,
passing thru centuries & visiting myriad spaces and places in history.
Through what is perceived by humans as many lives, this artist has collected colors and sounds from the tapestry of the victorian aesthetic brotherhood, the round table of dark age myth, the
sweeping hills of troy, and the oracle at delphi to blend with an
adamsesque humor to invent the dream-machina of tomorrows.

To learn more of her home planet "Mi" (as in Do-Re-MI), visit the Isle of Bliss at
 All this skull feeding thought culminates in facinating lyrics and a fabulous rock show, led by
a mischievous firehead thru the haunting spectrum of legend, woven by the sibyl of Geek Rock.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Darwin dreams of the day when each and all of you will, “Become someone you believe in.”

(click the link below to see one of her live performances)

Steampunk Performance  
by Darwin Prophet

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