Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twisted Gears Steampunk Event with the Crew of Airship Dionysius

I was recently very pleased to be able to interview the Captain of Airship Dionysius, Tayleb Duque, about their newest Houston Steampunk Event.  It's called the "Twisted Gears" steampunk convention on February 25, 2012, and promises to be a really good time at a really great price.  While there are now many Steampunk events out there this one is dedicated to making some grass roots performance art and entertainment available in ways that really gives Houston, Texas it's very own home grown steampunk convention!!!

1) Can you tell us a little about the new Steampunk Event you are planning?

 The event we are planning is called: "Twisted Gears" it is a one day all steampunk convention here in Houston. Over the last year we have seen steampunk events pop up all around Texas but not one here in Houston yet we have so much talent here alone that needs to be shown.

2) In a few words what does the term "steampunk" mean to you?

Steampunk to me is a mixture of reality and fantasy, its a community where our creative minds are able to run free and we can explore new, old, lost and forgotten styles. Its bringing back the beauty and joy of making something with your own hands. Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm not going to say what era I think "steampunk" should be because then you are making boundaries for your creativity.

3) How did you find yourself attracted to steampunk events and what can others attending your event expect to find of interest there?

It was about 2 years ago.  I had been a cosplayer for many years, but I was losing interest in it. I have dark skin, so whenever I did a character from my favorite anime people said I was an Original Character [instead of accepting that it was the character I was trying to cosplay]  The only one I ever really pulled off was Yourichi from Bleach. In the cosplay world people were always tearing each others outfits apart {metaphoircally speaking]  If it wasn't hand made, then they thought you were cheap.  It just wasn't a nice place. It was at A-kon where a friend told me to go see this thing called a 'Steampunk Tea Party'.  I was curious so I went and I just fell in love with all the clothes, props, stories, and people. They were all so much nicer and more understanding.  they were always willing to talk to you and help if you needed anything. I ended up starting my own ship and I have been enjoying it since.

4) What types of entertainers or classes do you have lined up so far?

Well we wanted to be different from other steampunk conventions that had been done so far. Most of the Vendors and Panels are being done by people in the Houston area. We have a panel about tips for sewing but it covers from standard patterns as well as plus size too, its mainly for plus size because it is very hard to find patterns for steampunk in plus size but the tips can be used for all sizes really. We have one on toy modification, where you can learn how to turn Nerf guns, water guns, or other toy guns into steampunk guns. Also for that panel for a small fee we will give you a gun that you can mod step by step there and walk out with your very own gun. We have a panel about the history of the 'Gentleman's Dual' from medieval judicial dueling through the 20th century, also with professionals watching and the proper gear you can pay a small fee and have your own dual. Then we have a cane martial arts panel where you learn about Bartitsu and La Canne, which are common styles use back then and many people have seen some of it in Sherlock Holmes but they just didn't know it. Then of course we have a panel about the history of steampunk and all the different styles and here it gives people who may not know the world very well a chance to ask questions that they might have. We will being having a museum where people can show off their work, we will have a fashion show by Jesse Thaxton of the Rouges, we have a raffle at our Cogs N' All Dance and the end of the event.

5) How much does the event cost and when and where will it be held?

This event will be held at the University of Houston main campus at their University Center in the Underground part of the build on February 25, 2012 from 12 pm-1am. As for prices we have pre-registration up and its $10 and at the door is $15. This is the website for it:

6) What else would you like to tell our leaders about this new upcoming event?

That this is something I hope everyone will like and enjoy, this is about bringing out the steampunk community in Houston, and showing all the talent that is here. I can not tell you how amazed and proud I am of all the people who came to my aid to help put this together, because we all wanted to see this happen. Many people don't know just how much work goes into making something like this, and so to the people who have helped me, Thank You!  Though there are not enough words of gratitude that could be said, I am happy to have friends like you.

Thank You also Ramon Leon Del Mar for taking the time to talk with me and help spread the word of the talent of this area as well as showing people what steampunk is and can be.

Twisted Gears

You are most welcome Captain Tayleb Duque !

It is wonderful to see a community come together like this, and to not only work with each other, but also reach out to steampunk communities in other areas in a completely mutually supporting kind of way.  We need much more of this spirit of friendship and cooperation and to help spread utter rebellion against the typical American mindset that everything must be a competition to the bitter end!  

Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar,  S.S. Kali's Hourglass

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