Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Naughty Octopus

OK.  So maybe you are one of those doubters out there that still think humans are more clever than Octopi? Well... I ask you this then clever creatures:  If you were attacked by a pod of bottle nose dolphins... (unlikely since they tend to rescue our species and our young when we are dying in their environment whereas many humans kill and/or eat theirs... go figure!) Would you be clever enough, stout hearted enough, and quick enough to grab the attacking predator by the balls and then latch on strong enough to convince him that your species is just not good eating..eh?  think you could manage that one?  Well take a look at this.

Photo taken by the Ionian Dolphin Project - please support their work!

(Please note, by posting this I am not suggesting that I advocate this or any other form of assault or sexual molestation of bottle nose dolphins.  Actually they are nicer to most humans, than well... say... most humans are.  Well at least when not in rut.  they have been known to get a bit pushy when flirting with some human women that the dolphins interpret as being "in season", but hey, that's how dolphins flirt is all.  According to the dolphin handlers I spoke to at places that permit humans to swim with dolphins, women that are menstruating often do get unwanted special attention, such as gentle shoving by the males, but it just means "they like you".  They are pretty much all poly-amorous after all.)

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