Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review of New EP: Darwin Prophet and the Chronus Mirror

Darwin Prophet and the Chronus Mirror recently released a new EP by the same name.  This little number is a real jewel with a warm, bluesy kind of Rock and lyrics as wonderfully strange and unique as the mind of the lead singer Darwin herself.   This band is getting pretty well known around the Steampunk Community in Texas the surrounding states for high quality strings with warm soulful voices presenting Steampunk Music.  They first achieved notariety, in their current form as one of the best loved bands at The Difference Engine Steampunk Convention in December 2011.  They have since performed at The Nightmare Machine, Arcadian Clockwork, Time Traveller's Ball, and many other Steampunk Events in addition to their normal shows and performances.  They will very shortly be performing as headliner band at Cogs N Crossbones on July 26th, 2013. 

So what is Steampunk Music?  The definition varies from musician to musician, and they rebelliously plan to keep it that way, but the basic idea is to present music with lyrics and styles that blend the very old with the futuristic in one package.  While electric guitars may be used, they usually blend with classical strings and sometimes far more exotic instruments.  Vocals vary in style, but they are intended to deliver storytelling at it’s finest.  Something that passionately takes the listener into another world, often set in the past, but with mad inventors, wild adventurers, and sometimes dimension hopping explorers.  Steampunk, at it’s source, is science fiction, set in lush artistic times of the past filled with polished mahogany and brass with loud steam driven power and an eye toward the strangest of horizons.  In this, Darwin and the Chronus Mirror excel! 

This EP takes us into a dimension hopping excursion through the galaxies of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide”, make not so cryptic references to the Star Trek sagas, and go to places that exist only in the mind of the songwriter.  The songs weave stories of danger, loyalty, adventure, commitment, and love.  As this band’s back-story is set as visiting aliens observing and interacting with the mad inventors and adventurers, as well as the great poets and social rebels of Earth’s history, their lyrics take a road less traveled, but should really appeal to the hearts of science fiction fans of all genres and times.  Darwin voice, backed by the sultry Darkrys’ voice and viola, are as warm, sweet, and sensual as fresh molasses in mint juleps from the Deep South.   Maestro’s violin underneath everything is truly beautiful.  You really should try this EP and see what you've been missing.

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  1. Thank you on behalf of the Chronus MIrror,your words weave a sky of starlight round my night... and a note of gratitude to our wonderful photographer who too the pic above, visit keeciabuster.com