Friday, August 30, 2013

Dragonball Z League at Anime Fest!

Fantasy Sports League goes Anime at Anime Fest!!! Dragonball Z League, the most popular program for the internet gamers channel TGN, will be presenting their innovative approach at AnimeFest at 6 pm Friday in P2 and Monday 11 am in P6. This presentation will not only explain the league, but actually allow some of the most avid fans in the audience to customize their own team and pit them against the other side of the room during the presentation.   

This extraordinary online game system, comprised of both man/woman and machine, staffed primarily by volunteers, allows anime fans to custom modify/train the characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe and compete in an international sports league with regulation tag team combat matches that makes the characters of that anime universe real like never before! If you are near Dallas and you like anime or fantasy sports leagues, this is an event not to be missed!!!

Whether you enjoy being an active part of forging a winning team out of something less, making a good team great, or just sitting back and watching the action, this may be just what you have been waiting for.  For those who like to bet on their favorite teams, this league has something for you as well, though it limits such betting to entertainment purposes only at this time for legal reasons, but don't think that reduces fan enjoyment of placing a wager on the under dog and watching them pound the favorites into dust!  

Instead a few players against others, this league allows hundreds, (about 200 at present) and possibly thousands in the future (spectators of the live stream game topped 3000 last week, to directly contribute to making their favorite team of Dragonball Z team into a fighting force that their opponents never saw coming!  Try to get out to this great event and learn what you've been missing.

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