Friday, June 27, 2014

Episode 2 of Wide Open Anomaly

From the Top Secret Interdimensional Time Travel Police files:

The Legendary Converted Princess, Anouk Adrien: 
 Lead singer of the Steampunk band Victor Sierra, which is her daytime cover for her secret career as First Mate of The Hydrogen Queen (interdimensional time traveling armed and armored mercenary zeppelin).   Mysterious voyager into the unknown. Loves poetry of the living past. 
Enjoys Rum, distorted guitar sounds and oceans of every hue. 
 Creator of fabric from the breathe of steam engines 
She is a worthy opponent to the commander -- enjoys challenging him with intelligent arguments. 
 Always wears Chinese red lipstick. 
Highly reliable.

It is late and getting later - what does the Commander have for us this evening - draw near ...draw ever near and harken to his words...

3-Wide Open Anomaly (Easy Writer)
by Commander Bob

Reprinted by permission of Commander Bob
Originally presented on
Victor Sierra Official Facebook page

Arthur Morgan feverishly writes line after line, his eyes fixed on his writing pad. The pilot's face wrinkles as he lights a cigarette and blows the smoke toward the cloudy ceiling.
"Were they carry anything with them? Luggage? Equipment? Devices?"
"Not that I recall but it was normal because we never saw them stay in town. They walked empty-handed. All their stuff probably remained aboard the Hydrogen Queen, their airship."
The journalist raises his eyes:
"An airship of which class?"
The old man sighs and his shoulders slump.
"You ask a lot young man… not of a class I knew at the time. It was a mix of old and new I dare say. Typical Zeppelin skin but the engines were atomic, I'm positive about that although I only caught sight of it a few times.
It was a bit like "THE THIRD MAN", the Cyborg, it was there and not there, a mystery just like everything about them. At the time I was still flying in the Force, I wasn't here that much… But wait a minute, something comes to mind now: they had this book… The guy from Enco, Dennis the gas station attendant, told me about it."
The former pilot searches his mind and his eyes are blurred by the smoke of his cigarette.
"He said they stopped by at dusk one day. They were in a Duesenberg. The "Cyborg" was at the wheel. Commander Bob was riding shotgun and was holding a strange book on his lap. The kind you only see in museums."
"Hmm… " Morgan waited.
"He said the book looked antique - leather-covered - one but he couldn't read the title because it was printed in an alphabet unknown to him. You got a match?"
He had let his cigarette go out.
The journalist searches his pocket for his zippo slips it and lights the cigarette. It weakly lights up the wrinkled face, he draws on the stub and exhales a blue cloud.
"There was something odd about the book and young Dennis told me that it seemed to open on the wrong side."
"What do you mean? " said Morgan, a bit startled.
"Well… from left to right and not the other way around."
The journalist suddenly realized that most of the customers had left the place. The night has fallen, the village seems to be totally dead outside and except the music from the juke-box everything was apparently dying in the bar as well.
"Is this Dennis still in the neighborhood?
"Oh no! he left many years ago, relocated to Hollywood I recall"
He laughs and slams the table.
"Yeah… he wanted to be a movie star! I still can see him with his Enco cap always on the side, typical rebel and he was a very handsome boy."
Arthur Morgan scribbles furiously and raises his eyes:
"And young Dennis had a family name?"
"Yes Sir! Hopper, young Dennis Hopper... Lad liked motorbikes".

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