Monday, November 8, 2010

Marquis of Vaudville-Interview on

Marquis of Vaudville is certainly one of the most interesting and creative of bands around these days.  When they just do a simple "gig" it brings the club alive!  When they produce one of their famous Soiree events, like they plan to do soon at the Curtain Club in Dallas on January 22, 2011, it is something special indeed!  This one will be even more extraordinary as other forms of entertainment have been invited to perform in different ways and there is even a second smaller stage in a different building with an airship market for vendors opening this one up into a mini-steampunk convention!  The following article is excellent and will give you a good feel for what this extraordinary band is all about.  I have, once again, included only the most intriguing, for me anyway, paragraph, but give a link to the full article on it's original website, which is naturally where it should be read in full.  See below:

For an independent band that’s so new you have a very sophisticated sound. Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls described your music as “Space-age modern-age glam nostalgia" while the editor of Spin magazine, Doug Brod, praised your music as “Very Impressive.” How do you achieve such high quality to your music?

Our entire endeavor has been approached with an independent sense of mind, yet we don’t feel that this should mean that we have to record with out-of-tune guitars or end up with recording quality that sounds as though we tracked live in a garage with a washing machine going under a humming florescent light. Everything we record, we track and produce independently for ourselves in our own studio. The quality comes through because we know music, it’s as simple as that, and we know what elements must be present in order to write a good song. We’ve all been fairly successful with previous other projects within the music scene, and I believe a good deal of that aforementioned quality also comes from each member being a learned, well rounded musician with an excellent sense of all aspects of musical composition and sound production. On top of that, we never settle for “substandard”, and we don’t believe in “filler”. I’m sure we’ve all had that disappointment of purchasing or listening to an album, and there being only one incredible song. How utterly dissatisfying. The rest of the album doesn’t have the same luster, the same glimmer or gleam as that one gem. For what we do, we feel that every song should incite something genuine & relative in people’s lives. The music should inspire sincere emotion, in whatever form that might manifest for any individual. Each composition must be unique, with strong melody. A potential song must have a certain intriguing element to all of its parts and components. If a certain aspect is not up to par, then we simply put it aside until we find the right piece. Writing music is much like imagining a puzzle and then piecing it all together in your mind.

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