Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Ugly Gun Skit

We just finished doing a very fun comedy skit/play at Yulecon.  It was a blast!  Unfortunately we were not able to film it though some others did, so maybe it will show up in cyberspace somewhere, but we were billed as the local group which is Kali's Hourglass, so watch for it on you tube etc.  We have audio, but it loses a lot without visuals since there is some physical comedy as well as verbal.   The next time we perform this pirate/privateer comedy skit, we will try to get it on film!  We will be performing it again at the Steampunk Illumination Society meeting at Crystal's Pizza in Irving on Nov 18th  and at the Winter Wonderland Music, comedy, and Mini Steampunk Convention at the Curtain Club in Dallas on Januray 22, 2011.  This skit was custom developed as a promotional comedy for the upcoming Carnivale of Creatures music, comedy and dance spectacular.  Carnevale of Creatures will be on Febuary 11th, 2011 at the Son's of Herman Hall.   At Carnevale of Creatures we will be doing a Steampunk Naturalist skit, and some various types of dance such as traditional Aztec dance , probably, thought the actual line up is still being discussed.

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