Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real Pirates! - Delve into their mind and way of life!

From the desk of : Ramon Leon Del Mar

If you are interested in real pirate lore, you should make a trip down to Houston and see the wonderful exhibit about the real life of pirates.  It focuses in on four historical members of the crew of the Whydad under the command of Black Sam Bellamy, one of the most notorious pirates that ever lived.  The captain, Black Sam, a rescued Black slave, an Indian, and a nine year old cabin boy, who all became part of this notorious crew, are followed from their first encounters through their fateful end.  
This exhibit tells not just about the greatest haul of pirate treasure ever recovered, but also about the culture of the pirates and about the people in their world.  It goes into much greater detail than most exhibits about the lives, conditions, and state of mind of the slaves and abused free sailors that were the people most often recruited to become members of pirate crews. 
The museum has done an excellent job of explaining the motives that drove men to piracy, the choices they were faced with, and what day to day life was for them.  It also gives excellent information about their weapons, tactics, and psychological warfare used against their enemies and victims with real artifacts from the Whydah to illustrate each point.  There is even a life sized mock up of a small pirate friendly tavern, (a pirate’s favorite spot), the Captain’s cabin, and the crew’s quarters that you walk through while learning about their way of life.

Dive into the wreck of the Whydah to discover more than 200 fascinating artifacts in the world's first exhibit of authentic pirate treasure!

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Oct 8, 2010 - Feb 6, 2011
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Adult Tickets$ 25
Child Tickets$ 18
...Senior (62+) Tickets$ 18
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Ramon Leon Del Mar It was truly excellent and well worth the money and the time! It's probably the best exhibit on pirates, from the point of view of the pirates themselves, that we have ever encountered.

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