Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday Driver's Amateur Steampunk Art Contest Finalists

The fabulous Steampunk music group Sunday Driver held a contest for the fan that could draw the most interesting picture of a "Steampunk vehicle" for their upcoming first world tour that they could fictionally use to travel from place to place between concerts.  The prize includes a goody bad full of their music including a custom written and recorded track and similar other items, which considering their talent level, should have been highly motivating!  My wife loves their music so much she lit a fire under me to brush off my artistic talents and give it a go.  I love art, but was busy furiously trying to stay above water with normal mundane day job duties and also prepare for a performance at Dickens on the Strand, but I did give it a bit of thought and finally sat down to draw out a steam powered Gypsy wagon which was what I thought really suited the Anglo-Indian flair of the band.  Of course that might run into a few problems getting across such great distances and varied terrain, so it has a retractable hot air balloon to help it over tough spots (like the Atlantic Ocean if they catch the trade winds right), but it would have to be a super stretchy material in order to get large enough to actually lift such a wagon completely (physics is lovely, but so limiting at times), so I told them it was just to get them out of a bog or up a hill until they could hook up with some futuristic types that had stretchy enough material to produce a bolloon that would pack away and still expand enough to lift them entirely.  Of course if you've ever been stuck in the bog, or even a bit of mud, and unable to get your Gypsy wagon free (I have a lot of Irish Gypsy relatives-Tinkers-"Fagan" is the name don't ya know!), then you can fully appreciate how valuable even a small hot air balloon would be!

OH!  How could I forget!  We even got our 10 year old son in on this, to get him started right down the Bardic path.  Being a big Sunday Driver fan himself, we convinced him to dream up and draw a picture of a steampunk vehicle for Sunday Driver as well.  The only criteria we set was that he had to do it totally unassisted.  AS his picture was clearly the youngest, and therefore the most ambitious entry, and even included their beloved "Om" symbol on the side of the blimp, it also made it into the finalists.  Take a look and vote for your favorite.  I think all of them are pretty great efforts at making something for the band, but of course, I voted for my son's picture to win.  Oh well, I can't pretend to be objective this time.!/album.php?aid=257077&id=19773347953

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