Sunday, July 15, 2012

Aftermath of the Dirty Album Release Party and Concert

I am still sufficiently sleep deprived from our street team road trip down for the concert and back the same night, that this is going to be short, but to the point, with a more in depth review tomorrow of the One Eyed Doll concert and “Dirty” album release party (also Junior’s Birthday party).   What was most worth mentioning, was that unlike the very short 30 minute sets available as time slots that are often all that is available when One Eyed Doll is on tour, they performed and heavily interacted with the audience for a solid three hours.

At the very beginning, Kimberly announced her intention to perform until she dropped!  At one point it looked like she was going to truly play until she dropped, between the heat of the sold out venue, the extremely athletic style she performs in on stage, and the incredibly thick fog of the smoke machine which was being used to display the beautifully intense laser light show around her, but she finally stopped after three hours stating, that she wanted to make at least an hour available for the meet and greet.  She actually made it over an hour with fans, after nearly exhausting herself on stage, and spending an unusually generous amount of time with each her adoring fans from the Austin area.  They had not seen them as much as usual due to their incredibly grueling tour schedule with a large number of other fans over the last 18 months.

Near the very end, when it was mostly just a handful of street team members still waiting to see her (we let the other fans go ahead of us) , she was finally overcome and had to take a few minutes alone to re-hydrate and get heat and dehydration related headache and nausea under control.  The fans expressed love and concern which was returned during that time, through the door of her green room.  She then came out as cheerful as ever to wish the last of us goodbye and sign anything needing autographs.

The terms that come to mind for the entire event are fun, funny, intense, grueling, intimate, and deeply personal!  It was everything it was meant to be and perfectly matches the entire theme of the album it was designed to release.  More to follow!

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  1. WE LOVE YOU RAMONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XoOoOXoXOOxOOX kimberly and junior