Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Eyed Doll "Dirty" Album Release Party and Show

Radha and I have come to love this band so much we actually joined the street team for them.  Then our best friend in Canada joined the street team as well. .  Hey in the modern age of internet a professional Techno-Geek like him has no problem impacting the Southern American music scene from Canada.  Besides, One eyed Doll tours nationally on a a very regular basis, so location is almost irrelevant.  Radha and I are riding down with Paulo, the Dallas Area street team leader, after he picks up about 1000 copies of their new album for distribution that were pressed up here in our area, so we can take it to them in time for the release party, and then dress really wild to be in the performance video they are filming at the show!!!  Road Trip!!!

 Our Canadian friend Romeo first learned about this great band by reading the articles on this blog, Art of Steampunk.  Now he's hooked!  The albums are fabulous, and actually quite different than the stage show which is also fabulous.  On stage it is a hard rock, extreme metal show mixed liberally with extreme comedy.  On the albums, Kimberly's voice accompanied by Junior on instrumentals is so beautiful, I almost though I had put in the wrong album.  I mean really.  How many singers can scream out lyrics on stage, night after night, in thrash metal style, and then still have such a beautiful voice afterwards?  

Their latest music video "Envy" also included complex vocal patterns that I normally only encounter with unusually talented and complex singers like Shakira who blends Middle Eastern Sufi Devotional singing styles with Columbian vocals.  When I listened to the lyrics, though, I was quite clear, once again, that it had to be the right album.  No one gets as beautifully bizarre, and utterly mind bendingly strange as Kimberly when it comes to writing songs.  That, I suppose, is why we agreed to take a sudden road trip to Austin for this release party even though we will probably have to turn around drive back the same night.  Hmmm... is this a 5 hour energy drink kind of event or what?  

We should manage with 3 drivers, but you should know, that on the One eyed Doll Dallas Area Street Team, we mix some degree of safety and sanity with all the madness, so Paulo, our Dallas Area illustrious Street Team leader, lead illustriously by committing to give up alcohol that night as a sacrifice to the cause!  (only for Kim and Junior... right???)  That's right... our little contingent bringing down the last minute pressed new albums, agreed to give up alcohol for this one night to make sure we are safe to drive back after the party.  Remember kids..., We don't always go insane, but when we do, we go insane with One Eyed doll... so go insane responsibly!

 Here is what Junior has to say about it!:

Come to Austin this weekend for our Album Release Show!!! 

We'll be filming a DVD!

AND Playing a looong set of all your favorite songs in our home town! This is the show NOT to miss! ~Junior

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