Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Austin Vampire Ball

So what do Vampires and Steampunk have in common?  Far more than you may think.

First both communities range from fans that like to watch cool people in even cooler clothes doing fun and entertaining things, or that are fans of fictional stories with these communities as a centerpiece all the way through "lifestylers" who embed the look, the culture, the values, and the people of these cultures in almost every aspect of their lives.  People like that consider "costumes" to be what they wear to work every day (assuming they work a typical corporate job) and their lifestyle to be who and what they really are.  Naturally the same could be said for many other cultures, but the fact remains, that the cultures have more in common that just the tendency of Vampires to show up a lot in Steampunk fictional novels and plays.  They often have individuals, friends, and even families that truly are a part of both communities at once.  As such, I think it appropriate to mention this very interesting new event in the heart of Texas:  The Austin Vampire Ball.

Do I think it's worth attending?  I wouldn't miss it for my own funeral!  See you there.

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  1. I love both Gothic and Steampunk. I am a huge fan of the Gothic genre. I would love to go to this, if only I was in the wrong country! I hope to go to some things like this in the future, especially the Anne Rice vampire ball.