Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Shadow Queen Rocks the House at Ikkikon VII

Psyche Chimere, front woman for Psyche Corporation, performed as the headliner musical performance at Ikkicon VII this last Saturday. Earlier in the day she led and taught a "Learn to POI Meetup" group on two occasions and gave an interactive lecture on the current real science and state of the art involving connecting the human brain directly or indirectly to computer mainframe operations.

The concert was not well advertised and many attendees actually thought it was a speaking event for some new anime they were unfamiliar with, but when Psyche Chimere's incredible voice began pouring out into the hallway from the concert stage, people began flowing in to see where this nectar of the Gods (or Shadow Queen in this case) was coming from. Even some of the other musical performers and professional musicians attending the convention wandered in and appeared to be enjoying the concert immensely.

As this was the first time Psyche Corporation was presented in this part of the country, many guests were surprised and puzzled at first, but then became intensely interested and began wandering over to the merchandising table (which this writer was manning) to buy every album they could get their hands on. After the concert, they got albums autographed and expressed their appreciation to Psyche for the performance, but she had to leave rather quickly due to a VIP Pass only meet and Greet being scheduled immediately afterwards.

Those who did not have time to get autographs were assisted with that either just before or just after the VIP Meet and Greet. The fans then lined up to get their picture taken with the "Shadow Queen" and I was more than happy to learn and use whatever I-phone , camera , or other device they carried so as to give them a few photos with the artist that they could take home with them. They seemed to be really enjoying this and were so reluctant to disperse that, in order to avoid a fire hazard blocking the hall, the con staff had to move this informal "Photo Op" group to a different location where Ms. Chimere continued to answer their questions, discuss future possibilities (most wanted her to perform at conventions in their home area or state) and finally ended with hugs all round before dispersing.

I think it is safe to say, she managed to build a new, diverse and loyal following among Ikkicon VII anime convention attendees from many different states.


  1. It sounds so wonderful! I am a huge admieror! please beg her to come to Australia for Steamfest in August. or just any time at all!

    1. I will certainly tell you said so. Actually CharlieQuinn, editor of the Chimera News lives in Australia now. If you two could manage to convince someone to send a plane ticket to Steamfest, she would probably be willing to do so, assuming she doesn't have an Angelbot in a delicate stage of construction in the lab or some such that week, (ooops I almost forgot she isn't really supposed to be doing mad scientist things, just a marketing person. that's the ticket) but she loves to meet fans and perform in new places!