Friday, May 2, 2014

Kamijo, Victor Sierra, Paris, London, and Ireland!

We recently got word that the Visual Kei artist (translate that as very visually interesting and theatrical Japanese Rock musicians) Kamijo of La Reine and Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, who we heavily support and promote, is ready to launch his first full premier performance as a solo artist in Paris, France on July 4th, 2014

It was not easy, but we have managed to book a trip, arrange time off, pay for flights, schedule, book and pay for a very complex itinerary, and arrange interviews and private concerts with other performers while in the area.  In addition to any events the Kamijo offers before or after the concert, we will be seeing the most interesting sights in Paris, checking out local Goth clubs/events, and meeting with the Paris based Steampunk Band Victor Sierra, for dinner and a private show to look at their new material.  Naturally we will also gather information for articles about their new work at the same time.

Other scheduled events include seeing the Paris Ballet at the original theater commissioned by Napolean centuries ago which is a living museum of magnificent beauty in it's own right.  In true Steampunk and Goth Aristocrat form, I will be dressed in a Victorian era full black on black tailcoat, but with a white shirt and dark crimson tie and cummerbund.  What my mate chooses to wear will be a surprise for later, but just say for now, we have been working hard in the fashion laboratory on totally new designs for the event!
We will also report back on The Versailles Palace and nearby grounds, the Louvre, some of the less known, but more interesting Cathedrals, maybe some catacombs, and of course, the Moulin Rouge!

After that we will hop the European bullet train that goes under the sea to London, which should be an event in it's own right!  In London we will take int he Tower of London, some of the city, and Stonehenge for two days, before hopping a late flight to Dublin. In Dublin we will meet up with some real English Witches that are world renowned authors, and friends or ours, as one will be taking us to the most interesting Druidic archaeological sites.

My family name is from Ireland, but none of my ancestors ever went back after the diaspora, so I, seven generations later, will be the first son of Ireland in this branch of the family to return home.
I will go from the busy modern streets of Dublin to the oldest roots of Irish Civilization, and then simply sit and commune with the original inhabitants of the Emerald Isle, the ancient trees. (those that survived cutting and burning during the Christianization of course).

You can follow our travels to some degree on facebook, but real articles will not be released until we return and have time to digest all we have seen an experienced there.

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