Friday, March 11, 2011

Chaz Kemp - Artist, Drummer, and Singer

I encountered a freelance artist, drummer, and singer that is a new and very welcome member of the Steampunk community.  His portfolio includes modern, fantasy, and some really good "Steampunk" illustrations, his blog has interesting articles and interviews or performers, and his 5 person band "Pandora Celtica" has a capella singing (sometimes with drum accompaniment) that might put the angels to shame.  You can find their music on I-tunes.  I particularly enjoyed the way the singers harmonize with one another so beautifully.  It appears to be mostly Celtic folk songs (one of my personal favorites), but not the typical songs of a Renfair.  They seemed to be original songs, or at least very unusual ones, but I have not yet had time to research this further. 
 You are welcome to listen on I-tunes and ask the artist himself at

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  1. Thank you SO much for this blog post Ramon! Forgive me for not seeing this sooner... I am really quite honored and I absolutely appreciate this wonderful post. Thank you again... you ROCK!! :) - Chaz Kemp