Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Response to an Article Stating That Belly Dance Cannot be Steampunk

I had posted a copy here of my own comment below that was written in response to the article titled:

Not So Steampunk Belly Dance

by Jasmine June Cabanaw

posted February 26, 2011

published in an online Belly Dance Journal called Gilded Serpent

Due to the confusion of definition of the word "reposted", confusion as to who was reposting things, and different veery strong opinions about etiquette regarding handling of someone's comment, (even my own apparently) that has been posted on another site, I am electing to avoid the whole headache by simply deleting my copy of my own comment here as well.  Feel free to see it and what it was in response to in the article this was in response to at the link below:http://www.gildedserpent.com/cms/2011/02/26/jasmine-june-steampunk-belly-dance/


Ms Cabinaw later clarified that she was only intending to suggest that when belly dancers wear steampunk attire as a costume, then it should not shift the label of the dance purely because someone is wearing a costume that day.  I totally agree with that.  She apologized for the unintentional suggestion that steampunk amounted to nothing more than a costume and the statement that she didn't believe there was such a thing as steampunk music or dance without fully investigating that.  She stands by her assertion, which I consider reasonable, that if a form of bellydance is going to call itself by a new name it should present at least the level of actual change in dance forms that were developed by ATF and/or Tribal Fusion before doing so.  That also seems very reasonable.

In fact, after further discussion she actually asked about collaborating on a more in depth article with myself to ensure that both sides of the issue were appropriately explored and treated respectfully.  I agreed.  I also advised that I am a very ardent devotee of the incredibly beautiful and traditional art of belly dance, and that I am very concerned with ensuring that how we "label" belly dance calsses and programs in panels and events that I am already scheduled to give and evaluate panelists for, be handled approriately, so as to correctly describe the level of Steampunk influence, whether costuming, music, actual new movements or what, in the programming that is presented.  I think this is actually in everyone's best interests.


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