Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night Class Episodes 2 & 3

Well we finally got the second episode of Night Class, titled Friend or Food, wrapped!  It should be edited and ready for televising on UNTTV soon in Denton, Texas.  As I am harder to schedule than the other actors and actresses, we also filmed the intro and extro for the next episode titled: Fantasy Planet Online!  Both of these went much smoother than the first episode due to greater experience on the part of the film crew, and a somewhat less obsessive need to perfectly duplicate every word exactly as written.  While I am very dedicated to memorization and duplication of a script as written, I am also a very dedicated "method actor", so I use light trance self hypnosis to get as far into character as possible, while still staying responsive to stage directions.  This produces excellent results in some areas, as indicated by one of the camera men looking at the director, visibly shivering, and just saying "creepy" after filming my closing monologue after episode 3.  On the other hand, this makes it more difficult for me to reproduce scripts that call for a character that is a meticulous, albeit eccentric, college professor to speak using horrific grammar, run on sentences, fragmentary sentences, and repeatedly begin sentences with a conjunction, or to use sentences that read like "Yoda Speak" or "Texan speak" for that matter even though I grew up around both.  I just can't see an angry, resentful, somewhat sadistic professor, that looks for every opportunity to criticize, use sarcasm, or belittle others, setting himself up so much for the same treatment when surrounded daily by high level academics who would just love to correct everyone's grammar.   My subconscious rebels against it.  I never question a direction regardless.  I just do it over.  This time though, the director simply told me to stick to the minor grammatical corrections my subconscious kept inserting, so that it was consistent.  It never affected the dialogue content, so that worked well and we got two episodes of intros and extros filmed in about 2 hours which is about 3 times as fast as last time. (You see all the gory details of that fascinating, but grueling film session in a previous post under the title Night Class)  The heck of it is, I still haven't seen all of the first episode myself.  I was promised a copy as part of my compensation for coming to this film session, but we all forgot about it once I got there.  Ah well.  I have the director scheduled to trade filming some interviews of Kali's Hourglass and others about the Nickel Children film and promotions for it we have been doing, so I'll get it from him then.  I also managed to convince him to film some of our performance and others at All-con 2011 as well as being the official videographer/producer at the Difference Engine Steampunk Conventions we are promoting and performing in.  See you later!

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