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Steampunk World's Fairs

photo courtesy of Steampunk World's Fair

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Steampunk Alone

Steampunk World’s Fair amasses 3000 guests in camaraderie and steampunk celebration

This May, the Steampunk World’s Fair will hit Piscataway, New Jersey with a bustling three days of the largest steampunk festival this planet has ever seen. Says Jeff Mach, creator of the event, "We wish to create unbelievable and unforgettable pleasure, camaraderie, friendship, and joy for each and every single person who walks into our event." The steampunk-loving community, whose members flock to the annual fair from across the nation, appreciates such a mission. Their appreciation has made the Steampunk World’s Fair the largest steampunk festival in the nation; the 2011 festival garnered about 3000 guests.

Steampunk is a genre dealing with what the movement’s seminal author, K.W. Jeter, called "mad Victorian fantasy". It is three cups of Victorian-era style with a tablespoon of science fiction. Since its birth, steampunk has spread from a literary sub-genre to infiltrate film and fashion around the world, garnering a large gathering of devoted fans. But the World’s Fair is not solely reserved for the loudest fans; anyone with the least bit of interest in anything steampunk are invited to snap on a pair of aviator goggles and join the masses. The event has seen guests of all ages, from senior citizens, to toddlers. The atmosphere of acceptance and full-blown entertainment at the World’s Fair makes it the ultimate introduction to the genre. Festivals of the past have featured everything from Why Not Cake, an imaginative company of gourmet cake artists; to visits from award-winning author Leanna Renee Hieber.
Whether you’re a first-time steampunk, or you already have your corset and combat boots on, the Steampunk World’s Fair welcomes you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a mystical world populated with potential friends and good old-fashioned entertainment.

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Photo Gallery from Steampunk Worlds Fair 2011

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