Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upcoming Interviews with Abney Park

Captain Roberts has graciously agreed to an interview about their new members, their new RPG based on their back stories, their new album, the album coming up, and whatever other skullduggery they have been up to. Of course he still patently denies being a pirate, and airship pirate, or any type of pre-wreckage salvage and re-distribution agent.

( we believe that, and those aren't really Queen Victoria's Knickers I saw him wearing when last we met either. Oh I know he told me I had misheard what he was discussing with his crew, and that they really belonged to Chrissy, but honestly, she has much better taste than that!)

He did mention that trying to get more than one of his crew to actually sit down and answer questions at the same time might be so much like herding cats that it might be the next decade before this got written if I really wanted input from more than one or two, so I agreed to simply interview whichever were available and keep after it until I got round to each.

I know I'm curious about the new Guitarist as well as the new violinist. Aren't you? I'll also ask Jody for permission to share some of the utterly charming, but off the record conversation I had with her right after joining Abney Park back at Green Steam Circus in Austin, Texas in 2010 and how things have changed for her in the band since then. I will be contacting them again right away, but may need to catch them between.... er know salvage and re-distribution runs and such, so I can't exactly predict the actual date of the article.  It is actually more likely this will turn into a series of articles focusing on each separate member that is interested in sharing their story or point of view.  I'm sure you Abney Park fans wouldn't mind that too much would you?

If you have any specific suggestions of questions you would really like to see included, things you are just dying to know about them, send me the question.  If it is totally tasteless, I may ask it anyway, (we are a bunch of pirates after all here, Ms. Trent excepted of course) but definitely only after much rum and will probably not include it in the article.  If it is an interesting and somewhat dignified, well OK, lets say at least not particularly obscene question, then I'll try to include it in the format of the article if it seems to fit with the otherwise dignified format of this Blog.  Thanks

You should send such suggestions to my personal email at:  covenantofthekraken(at)

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