Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You Olivia

Thank you Olivia for performing at our convention and entertaining so many with your readings.

Thank you for being understanding when the hotel gave away your room and bearing with us while I got the event organizer to embarrass them into giving you another one.

Thank you for being a charming guest and being understanding of growing pains.

Thank you for being appreciative that we actually thought to stock vegetarian food for you in the Green Room.

Thank you most of all for this truly insightful and well written article about the trials with so many new events and realistic considerations needed so we all pull together to make this a good experience for everyone!.

Below is an recent article written by Olivia Grey, author of Avalon Revisited, who is a regular performer at
The Difference Engine Steampunk Convention.

Steampunk Chronicle article about difficulties at conventions.

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