Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life's Decay Gloria - French Steam Goth?


Life's Decay is a very interesting French Goth Band that has some Steampunk elelments, so I wanted to introduce them to my readers here!

Also take a look at their website:  Life's Decay

Their group's bio from their official website is listed below:

Life's Decay is a French project, based in Paris. It was born at the beginning of 2003. Lyktwasst is the author.
Since its creation, six main albums were born : a CD named "Art Decay Extremism" in 2004, the album " Anleva " in 2005, "Lysselia" in 2006, "Szilentia" in 2007, "Eklaasera" in 2008 and "Dysrieuses", the new available album since november, 2009.

Until 2005, Lyktwasst was alone in the center of the project, realizing everything, from the concept to the accomplishment. Since, he is now working with Alea, feminine singer and lyric writer. In 2008 she also started to work on the music with Lyktwasst by introducing classical acoustic instruments.

Life's Decay has the will to create a personal universe, musically and visually, influenced by eclectic universes : dark classical acoustic music, steampunk industrial, experimental pop-rock...

A big musical evolution occurred between the first album "Art Decay Extremism" and "Dysrieuses". 
Lyktwasst and Alea unites their passion of the music and innovation to offer different albums from one to another, invested and anchored in their own universe.

The graphics has a huge importance in the project. Lyktwasst creates artworks made of only full black and white which establish a " retro - luxury " universe. Music and visuals are completely connected. He also realizes all the photos, music videos, web sites etc....

Lyktwasst created the label " Abstraktsens Produktions " in 2004 to assure the production, the promotion and the distribution of Life Decay. All the CD and the other productions of the project were released on this label.

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