Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nick Ottens on the Gatehouse Gazette

I received a reply from the illustrious Diesel Punk Guru, Nick Ottens, regarding the sudden return by the Gatehouse Gazette to producing high quality articles.  Here is what he had to say to my inquiries:


Its good to hear from you. I dont expect the magazine to return any time soon. I just dont have the time to edit. So we will continue as a blog, with a combination of magazine-like content and more typical, shorter blog posts. 

Hilde and Marcus are the most active contributors. I dont have much time to write myself but certainly welcome submissions from old magazine contributors like yourself.

As such, I will resume being a contributing author shortly for the Gatehouse Gazette, and am very pleased to see it back in operation, at least as a fascinating online Steampunk and Diesel Punk Blog once again!

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