Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Watchmaker's Apprentice (short animated film)

The Watchmaker's Apprentice short animated film with song by the Clockwork Quartet.  They are unquestionably one of the finest Steampunk Musical groups to ever record, but have very few actual songs that I can find.  Hopefully they will bring out a few more like this!

The Official Website is at :  Clockwork Quartet

Description of the group members from their site reads as follows:

Hannah Ballou
The Raconteuse
Performs as cabaret artiste Lambchop Magoo, founding member of Paniclab physical theatre company, stand up comedian and educator.

Patrick Gleeson
The Conductor
Writes and records as The Darker House, has performed as actor and musician in 8 countries on 3 continents, and formerly a member of the award-winning Fitz Barbershop.

Maral Mohammadi
The Cellist
Composer, performs in Book of Play and Sound of Trevor John, and is a published poet.

Noura Sanatian
The Violinist
Member of free improvisation band Book of Play, has performed with Ayanna Witter-Johnson and the European tour of Stars Of The Lid

Nadia Walsh
The Guitarist
Singer-songwriter, studied Classical guitar with Anthony Field, former member of V.C.A. guitar quintet (winner: Athenaeum Prize 2006).

Stuart Lawson
The Bass Banjolier
Instigator of minimaximalist jazz trio Figwasp, and trained as a luthier at London Metropolitan University.

Will Segerman
The Lover + 5 String Banjo
Fine artist, prop-maker and CAD engineer.

Hugo Sheppard
The Fugitive + Accordion
Performs in Arch Stanton, House of Strange, Figwasp, and former member of To-mera.

Dr Matthew Williamson
The Doctor + Oboe
Doctor of Zoology and professional actor (trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts).

Ed Saperia
The Magician + Percussion
Creative producer of Original Content London , plays keyboard and percussion in House of Strange , and produces various other projects.

Jason Griffiths
The Scientist + Percussion
Drummer in House of Strange and The Normal Hard Building Blocks.

Emma Butterworth
The General's Wife + Viola
Writes and records as Emma Eastwood, a multi-instrumentalist singer, composer and card designer.

Ash Gardner
The Engineer
Founder of House of Strange, professional producer and sound engineer, and trained as a luthier at London Metropolitan University

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