Friday, May 25, 2012

American Tea Dueling

Thanks to Bednall Photography

I was first introduced to English Tea Dueling (not to be confused with American Tea Dueling-you know how us penal colony types like to create anarchy and all! lol) by some new friends of mine, the members of the band BB Blackdog.  they explaiend the practice and demonstrated, taught, and refereed a competition at the new Texas Steampunk and paranormal convention (put on by the Steampunk Illumination Society) called The Nightmare Machine.  At our competition, to see who could keep a stiff upper lip the best, a young slip of a girl, Autumn Moran (about 11 years old) defeated one of the biggest and burliest men in the organization, thus proving this is indeed a way to demonstrate courage and steadiness of nerve and hand rather than brawn.

Here is an article by Americans that explains the American version via that excellent new periodical
The Steampunk Chronicle:

A brief Introduction to American Tea Dueling

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  1. Thank you,
    The Chess Biscuits from Target we suggested, and used in Denver, and Jefferson TX have now officially been adopted by the American tea Dueling society.
    We hope to be running more competitions on our next Visit over the Pond.