Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gatehouse Gazette Resurfaces via Doc Fatastique's

The Gatehouse Gazette, an online and print version magazine, presented a great variety of writers and information about Dieselpunk and Steampunk culture during it’s most critical growth and expansion into modern awareness.  In fact, they helped organize and promote the “Great Steampunk debate” in the Spring of 2010 that helped define the subculture as well as setting standards for more than one mainline approach to Dieselpunk. The two main streams of Dieselpunk are now often referred to by terms referencing the name of the Chief Editor of the Gazette, Nick Ottens,  and to the name of another prime contributor to his magazine who writes under the nom de plume of “Piecraft”.

When Steampunk Magazine began promoting socially activist agendas, The Gatehouse Gazette also came into being (July 2008) as both an activist and a devil’s advocate counterpoint contributor to every debate of interest to the “Punk” Genres.   They even went so far as to present an entire issue of the magazine focused on promoting the benefits and contributions of the factory and industrialization of society, which are sometimes strongly supported themes in some forms of Dieselpunk.

Later, when Beyond Victoriana, promoted a very hard line approach to political correctness and post colonial emphasis on race, culture, and cultural sensitivity toward “people of color”, The Gatehouse Gazette would publish a variety of articles showing counterpoint and alternative views to their presentation of these issues in a very bold and often very controversial manner.
In the final issue of the print version of the magazine (Nov 2011) the Gazette challenged Steampunks worldwide to set aside hypocrisy and acknowledge that many of them really love the pomp, ceremony, culture, and glamour of the Victorian Imperialists.  This, unfortunately, also came with the announcement that it was the end of the print and downloadable full magazine.  The blog section also greatly reduced operations at that time.

While this particular writer is not one of the Steampunks that is strongly attached to “Dreams of Empire”, (in fact my Steampunk persona and all my backstory fiction focus on effective rebellion against empire and giving various imperialists a black eye) as a Steampunk Lifestyler, I support the Gatehouse Gazette’s very “punk” efforts to bring an honest view and discussion to the table about any and all issues.  I also believe that we cannot move forward effectively in mutual education between cultures without fully understanding this part of the Steampunk subculture’s landscape.  As such I thank Nick Ottens for his courage in presenting all sides of issues to the community.

Apparently sometime in March 2012 a few articles surfaced followed by several more that came out in April with an interview and an album review for the new Steampunk Band from Japan, Strange Artifact.  Other articles of interest include a review of Iron Sky (a campy Steampunk Movie about Steampunk German Imperialists hiding on the moon and launching a much later counterattack) as well as info on the new all European Steampunk convention.

Here’s a few words from the Editor, Nick Ottens (in response to my recent inquiries) about the new format:

"I don’t expect the magazine to return any time soon. I just don’t have the time to edit. So we will continue as a blog, with a combination of magazine-like content and more typical, shorter blog posts. 

Hilde and Marcus are the most active contributors. I don't have much time to write myself but certainly welcome submissions from old magazine contributors like yourself."

For more information about the history and contributions to our Dieselpunk and Steampunk Communities take a look at the brief history of the magazine written by Nick Ottens himself:

Also take a look at their site where you can see new blog articles every week as well as access back issues of the magazine:

Source article by Ramon Leon del Mar at: http://doctorfantastiques.com (http://s.tt/1bcUt)

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