Monday, May 21, 2012

Kraky the Air Kraken Goes to Japan as Goodwill Ambassador!

Mary and 130JET for the Japanese Steampunk band Strange Artifact with Adm. Ramon and Kraky
Kraky, the super mutated, hyperintelligent, telepathic air kraken from the Steam Sail Ship Kali's Hourglass will be traveling to Japan to live with the Steampunk Band, Strange Artifact.  Kraky will live and work there as the new "Goodwill Ambassador" to the new Steampunk community  forming just now in that wondrous country!

When Mary, the singer and songwriter for Strange Artifact, saw Kraky, it was love at first sight!  Well ... she thought he was incredibly cute anyway and held him throughout the interview while Adm. Ramon Leon del Mar explored with them the crafting of their music, their lyrics, and even their steampunk leather goods and garments.  Mary asked if it would be possible to find another miniature super mutated air kraken like Kraky, so the Admiral used his magical telepathic fairy box to contact Vice Adm. Narasimhan.   She said she would contact the Time Travel Police, who had specially mutated this form of air kraken as special undercover spies, saboteurs, and telepathic interrogators.   

While the Time Travel Police agreed to provide another such mutated Air Kraken for the steampunk community in Japan, there would be a small delay while they calibrated the time vortex to get back to our current century and ship one out to our planet.  Unfortunately Strange Artifact would be back in Japan by then.

Naturally showing up yesterday instead of tomorrow was no problem for the Time Travel Police (confused yet?) , but in the end, it seems Kraky had developed a fondness for Mary's highly creative mind and offered to go himself to help support the efforts in Japan to build a Steampunk Community in their homeland.  Kraky said he will find a way to report back to us on their progress, as well as the escapades of the sensational new Steampunk band Strange Artifact, as he travels with them on the road in Japan!

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