Saturday, April 5, 2014

Social Implications of Fashion in the Modern World

Actually, I study and practice many different spiritual paths, but in my favorite path, to which I am most devoted, the most traditional attire for priest or priestess, participant, or even attendee, is to wear nothing but a smile... aside form decorative jewelry of course. I wonder how the Southern Baptists would react to that attire on Easter Sunday? Would God care. Not really, but Humans care very much. That is why I often take into consideration how others view my attire as a reflection of my attitudes towards others, towards myself, towards what is sacred to them, and of my upbringing regarding causing offense needlessly. Of course as a counterculture type, I often intentionally dress radically different from mainstream, but prefer to awaken the mind of those not yet totally brain dead with charm, grace, and glamour rather than attempting to shock them into a higher state of awareness. It is usually much more effective and produces a much more artistic and desirable result.

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