Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steampunk Concerns About Global Economy Makes the News

You may want to take a look at the Cogs 'n Gears newsletter, especially the January edition.  While you probably want to skip over the meeting minutes, (this is produced by a new and powerfully active and cohesive Steampunk Organization in North Texas) the article about Global Economy and Steampunk culture/politics may be of great interest to you.  Their website is also very interesting as they are not only bringing a strong steampunk community together in an area that has never managed to sustain a single continuous organization for very long, but they have become a subtle, but powerful driving force and pool of manpower behind many steampunk events in that part of the Texas such as the recent, enormously successful, Marquis of Vaudville's Clockwork Wonderland whose online video was filmed and cast primarily by society members and whose event drew almost exclusively from that organization and the band's own street team for the army of manpower that put on and publicized the event in order to make it so successful!
 They are now being approached by other events, including the first ever full scale Texas based "Steampunk Convention" for help in producing and publicizing future steampunk events.

Just take a look at the January 2011 issue in their archives at the link below:


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