Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Gatehouse Gazette Includes Nickel Children & Dickens In Their Willd, Wild West

As you can see below two of my articles were selected by that esteemed Leader of the Dieselpunk and Steampunk Communities, Mr. Nick Ottens, for his January issue of the Gatehouse Gazette which features other excellent articles as well about the interface between Steampunk/Delpunk and the "Wild West" genre.

Below is the list of contents and a link to their site:

Gatehouse Gazette #16 (January 2011)

In this very American edition, the Gatehouse Gazette ventures deep into the Weird West and does so in full color!


Bennett, A., “The Falcon,” 20-23
Davia, L., “Review Magico Vento,” 17
Fagan, R., “Review: Nickel Children,” 10
Fagan, R., “Steampunk at Dickens on the Strand,” 6
Heyvaert, H., “Review: Dr Who Christmas Special,” 11
Heyvaert, H., “Review: Wild Wild West,” 17
Heyvaert, H., “Review: Sherlock,” 11
Heyvaert, H., “The Steampunk Wardrobe,” 14
McCleary, C., “Wilde’s West,” 18-20
Moffett, C., “Louis Brennan’s Monorail Car,” 15
Ottens, N., “Anarchocapitalism in the Old West,” 5
Ottens, N., “A History of the American Bison,” 12
Ottens, N., “Preview: BioShock Infinite,” 9
Worden, P.J., “The Great Airship Scare,” 7


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