Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Difference Engine - The first ever Steampunk Murder Mystery Convention in Texas!

Yes it really is completely steampunk and based on a storyline derived to some degree from the history and rumors surrounding the life and works of Dr. Charle's Babbage, inventor of the Difference Engine.  He invented it, but like Leonardo Da Vinci, was supposedly unable to complete his pet project due to lack funds, lack of proper materials, and ... well lack of interest.  Then again, maybe he finally did find someone to fund him and went on to have many other adventures leaving behind only rumors of a death without full acceptance.  We are writing our own fiction about his facinating life.  No characters or plot devices are taken from the book, even though the actors will be required to read it before the performance.  To ensure the copyright laws are followed the Steampunk designer and author contracted to write our plays/scripts etc. did so before actually reading the book to ensure he could not be accused of plagiarizing someone else's work.  He knows about the man, his colleagues, his real history, and the modern difference engines completed, but has not yet read the actual book by a current day author.  Believe it or not!
 Here's the grapevine information going around about the event:
Whispers are circulating about Dr Charles Babbage's airship touching down in city of Ft Worth, TX New Year's Eve. Please do leave comments on the survey on the site- we need your feedback to make this a spectacular event!
The Difference Engine
Tl Boyte asked:  Be interesting to see if that happens - any relation to the "Babbage Patch Kids"?

S.s. Kali's Hourglass The contract has been signed for the venue for the one day event Saturday, June 4th 2011 , no relation to the Babbage Patch Kids
Ramon Leon Del Mar
I also know for certain that the surveys are intended to determine what level of full immersion into the world of Steampunk the first 1 day and the second full 3 day event at new years will involve. Possibilities discussed range from a completely Steampunk specific event where everyone is asked to interact in character as much as possible to a completely immersive experience much like the "Murder Mystery Theater" events with a professional cast and scripting. If it goes that way, a trained acting troupe has been contacted already about that option. I would much prefer the latter, but the event organizer has final say, and he is planning to listen to community response first before making any final decisions. I can only point out the obvious, that the more unique the event is, the more press it will get. I am already discussing this with the editor of the Steampunk Tribune, but no official press releases are available yet other than what is on the web site.

So...fill out the surveys and make your voice be heard!
Below is the information so far on their website:

 At this time we are adding information as quickly as we can. We will have price & program information, a forum, surveys, and much more to come very soon. We're quite interested in getting your thoughts about what you'd like to get out of these events. Of course, if you are here, but wonder what this is all about, then allow us to answer that question with one simple but wonderful word: STEAMPUNK! Yes, this is 100% a Steampunk themed convention that will take place in the Dallas area. So now that you know that much, this is your chance to let us know what YOU want. Within a couple of days, we will be adding some surveys to the "Survey" area in under the Navigation Menu. So please take some time and fill those out, if you would be so kind.

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