Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steampunk Tribune Raises the Tempo on Steampunk Music Sources

I wrote an article some time back about what appeared to be the actual sources of "Steampunk Music" and patterns visible in what is now often referred to as "Steampunk" in the musical world.  The editor of the Steampunk Tribune tells me that he likes ot avoid controversy these days, but he considered this confusing, but facinating, topic just too important not to post my article in his journal about it.  It is titled-Is Steampunk Music Really Influenced?  I'll give you a hint, the general conclusion of my research is that there really is some influence, although mostly in the instruments used, the topics covered by the lyrics, and even in the early sources of Vaudville as well as the popularity of Carnivals that often pervade the lyrics and musical styles of many steampunk songs today.  I had forgotten some of what I dug up in the article, so I enjoyed going back through it, especially in light of the fact that we (Kali's Hourglass) will be presenting a panel on the topic soon at All-Con, but I must mention that while I suggested that the "Post Apocalyptic" era of steam may be one of the strongest influences of modern "Steampunk Music", I really felt that any band that uses the label "Steampunk" should really attend some renaissance Fairs in their community and take a very hard look at the instrument usage, the singing styles, and the incredible use of imagery, adventure, and story telling in their work and learn these type of skills form the acknowledged masters that still survive carying forward the roots of our musical heritage from days gone by.


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