Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anachronism 4.5: Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man

Via Facebook Psyche Corporation

 Anachronism 4.5: Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man — Sunday, April 1 at 3:00pm at DROM.

 New Press Release from Jeff Mach: So I haven't signed the contract just yet, but if I were making an unofficial announcement it would be "Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man: Steampunks, Goths, and Geeks Gather to benefit one of our own.

Sunday, April 1st, at Drom, NYC, featuring (for starters) Platform One, a visit from The Royal Baritarian Players, Psyche Corporation, and, oh, by the way, Voltaire of voltaire (dot) net.

Tickets will be either $15 or $20

100% of profits go to Gil's hospital bills.

Presented by The Anachronism  and brought to you by The Steampunk World's Fair - updated every other day.)

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