Sunday, March 4, 2012

Psyche Corporation Presents Chimera News

Psyche Chimere, the Shadow Queen, and her more recent incarnations as Shadow Queens are being honored by their minions who have put together a new newsletter Chimera News.  It is intended to publish on a regular basis, but occasional Neo-Luddite uprisings and such sometimes interfere with the timeline and all so..... You know how it goes.  Just the same, the content includes all the most interesting posts from the Shadow Court, beautiful photos, and a listing of scheduled indoctrinations (sometimes referred to by the uninitiated as concerts or performances).

These indoctrinations in the ways and means of the Shadow Court will be listed as performances by Psyche Corporation.  Thus far only those human mortals on the East Coast area and Canada have been fortunate enough to hear the call strongly enough to schedule such "performances", but that is about to change.  Plans are in the works to bring Psyche corporation to Texas for New Years less than a year from the time of this writing (in linear time terms anyway) and our tendrils are even extending into the Steampunk and performance art community on the West Coast as well, so we will just have to wait and see where that leads.

As a sincere devotee of this Goddess of the beauty of all that is strange and wonderful, I humbly extend my personal thanks and appreciation to Harlequin ( aka CharlieQuinn) for this wonderful contribution to the cause.

If you have any suggestions, submission offers, or questions about the Chimera News newsletter, please email the editor, Harlequinn, at: charliequinn(at)

Chimera News Oct 2011

Chimera News November 2011

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