Monday, March 26, 2012

Psyche Corporation Music Successfully Used as a Drug!

Today I was advised by my dentist that my root canal was likely to be unusually painful as the antibiotics had not fully addressed the inflammation of the gums prior to the procedure and, as such, the Novocaine was likely to be somewhat less effective.  I told him that if he could put a bite guard between my molars on the other side, so that I did not relax so much I closes the teeth on him while he was working, (or bite him by mistake) I could use deep trance hypnosis to block the pain and not need to delay the procedure.  He knew I could do this as I had used it so effectively in his office in the past that his biggest problem was me getting too relaxed and shutting my mouth while he was working.  He agreed to use a soft bite guard and try it.

Now you may not believe this, but I started listening to my favorite Psyche Corporation album, just before starting the self hypnosis, then got so into the music and the sound of our Shadow Queen's sweet voice and the singing that I forgot about everything, including the root canal.  They occasionally prompted me to get me to pull out the earphones and ask me something, or to get me to re-position something, but otherwise I was pretty much off in another realm throughout the procedure!   This is actually a true story, believe it or not.  Feel free to e-mail me if you want more details.

Disclaimer:  Psyche Corporation in no way suggests it's music is an FDA approved replacement for more orthodox pain medications, nor does it assume any responsibility for any accidents that should happen if the listener get too zoned out to our music to know what they are doing.  Also, it is already known that different test subjects react differently to different music, albums or songs, so one should not expect similar results in all cases.  Any legal inquiries should be directed to the Psyche Corporation Offices in New Eden in the year 2660 AD.  Thank you.

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