Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Eyed Doll


Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar and Vice Admiral Radha Narasimhan recently made a leader's recon to look over some local talent that might just help us in Psyche Corporation's Shadow Court  "War Against Normalcy"

While at a local drinking establishment by the unlikely name of "Trees" we ran into just the sort of people we were looking for!  The other contacts we had gone to see were forgotten in a flash when who did we behold on stage, but One Eyed Doll!  Kimberly Freeman, the beautiful, the talented, the absolute Queen of Weird and her beloved vampire Junior, were absolutely rockin' the house!

An actual quote from a brand new fan I met, that had no idea what he was in for with these two said, and I quote:  "It's great.  It's kind of like Kid Rock meets Rob Zombie!  It's just so wrong!  It's so disturbing I won't be able to sleep tonight, but it's absolutely awesome!"

Yep...that's what he said alright. I would swear to this in front of a panel of True Seeing Angelbots, really! 

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