Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comedy Pirate VS Privateer skit for Carnivale of Creatures (and possibly Yulecon)

The Covenant of Kraken Players, mostly Radha and Myself, with some assist from others, will be rehearsing and preparing to perform a skit about how she is trying to get me to take her to Carnevale and I am being too much of a work-a-holic obsessed with his latest "man toy" gadget which, just as you might imagine, is a really big gun.  Actually it's a really big, ugly, recycled junk looking, ray gun, that he got a "pirated version" of (yes pun intended) that requires an unusually large amount of regular maintenance and fine tuning to keep in proper working order.  She first tries pleasant flirtation, then irritation (the nerve of her suggesting we are pirates instead of respectable privateers!), and finally infuriation, to break him of the demon possession like grip of the "new man toy/gadget-whatever thingy" and get him to take her to the Carnevale which is about to start, because for crying out loud, it's the early 1500s and they are anchored right off the coast of Venice!  Well, needless to say, murder, mayhem, and well, OK, just the mayhem part ensues.  Sword fights, gun play, and far worse-insults intending to suggest the old man old man, just to get him to react ensue!  In the end, I even give in to that most mysterious craving of audiences, a bit of slapstick.  That one is not normally in my vocabulary, much less my repertoire, but I couldn't find a way to avoid it, dig around, it or replace it, so I just plunged in and found the water was just fine!

When it's done it will get You Tubed, put on stage, and possibly appear on short and long form depending on time allotted for the skit.  Canevale is planning for all skits to limit to 5 minutes, but 15 is better when other venues permit.

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