Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mad Scientist Gig for UNT Film Project

I, Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar, High Lord Admiral of the Covenant of the Kraken and leader of the Covenant of the Kraken Players, have been asked to put away my uniform, my sword, my blunderbus, my rayguns and all (well OK, they actually wanted one of the rayguns) and portray a Mad Scientist.  Me...a mad scientist!  He actually said he thought it would be good type casting and would be easy for me to do method acting!  What did I say in response to these slanderous sounding suggestions?  I said I'd love to do it, and I agreed that he probably was right that I could play the role of a frustrated professor that was more than a bit cracked in the head, and pissed off at lazy, disrespectful, self absorbed students, almost, but not quite as much as at the totally incompetent and utterly evil administrators that drive off really good professors with their sinister plats, ego-mania, and generally humiliating politics.  Am I ranting yet?  Good.  Getting into character is very important! 

Actually this is somewhat serendipitous as I admit that one of the reasons I haven't made a more serious attempt to get into teaching (Mental Health Social Work) at the university level is that first, there are no job openings as internal connections and reputation are the only way to get hired unless you are hired straight out of your graduate program through your doctoral chair's recommendations, and more importantly, the politics actually scare me a little.  Yup, Admiral Ramon the fearless is at least mildly intimidated about the idea of trying to pretend to be a good little sheep in such a Machiavellian world as that of Academia.  While I might not actually lop off any limbs with my sword, I would spend a lot of time fantasizing about it and would probably eventually betray my deep Steampunkish rebellious streak right about at the part where they started coaching me on the best and most traditional postures to assume while kissing the superior's posterior, a most important and critical job skill for any, but the most highly sought after science researchers.  Sooner or later I would find it hard not to tell them how silly they all were and suggest they go watch some Monty Python instead of writing appraisals of one another as it might make far more sense than their typical ravings. 

Well, back to the point.  Apparently the film project involves a burned out and quite mad science professor that invents a ray gun that can make drunken university students highly suggestible, so they will do whatever he tells them to.   NO...I don't think playing Hanky Panky with young co-eds is in the script, even as the reason for why he falls from grace and goes off to work on his inventions in secret, as this is definitely a PG rated video and besides, why would anyone need a special ray gun to get into that kind of trouble with drunken college students? Well, I guess he decides to take over the world, or at least take revenge on the administration that fired him or worse, denied him tenure! Again, one wonders why a special invention would be needed to make drunken college students suggestible enough to get them to go bust things up or set fire to buildings, but, then of course, I haven't seen the script yet. 

Yea...I said I'd love to do it!  I still have to audition actually, but he's pretty sure my personality would make just the sort of lunatic he is looking for...whatever that means.  I'll let you know how it goes and post the final you tube address here regardless.

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