Saturday, September 18, 2010

Steampunk as a Path to Enlightenment

Some steampunk groups/crews recruit people with similar interests, same geography, or just aim for total numbers. That's all a good thing as it brings us together, but we don't try to compete with any of them as we are doing something rather specific. We are trying to promote performance art in writing, dance, acting, character portrayal etc. to educate and promote the most healthy and important aspects of Steampunk. Namely that we encourage people to locate and dust off old things that others have devalued, take them apart and reconstruct them into something beautiful again. The process is very entertaining and creative, but what is even more important than the recycling and artistic aspects is that we take ourselves apart, dig up old skills, and then recreate ourselves into something greater than we were before. I don't mean that in a fictitious character sense, but rather a very literal sense. We take out old creative and useful talents and refine them into an art form, any form or art at all, so long as it improves ourselves and our world. What matters is that we get together and help each other with this journey. After that it will all sort itself out. 

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