Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Many shades of Steampunk-Can it Be Defined?

I never used a facebook or my space page until very recently, because I reasoned, correctly, that I did not have time to fully handle it and my other responsibilities, but I finally decided I needed a little fun, and we have friends and relatives that are hard to contact by other means. As you can probably tell by the eccentric nature of my facebook page it is primarily used contacting friends in the local "steampunk" community, and a few of our Wiccan friends as well. For me :"Steampunk" translates as people that are bored with plain vanilla clothing and buying everything at Walmart in prepackaged cellophane then throwing away things that were cheap, but also really cheap, after one use. (that's the punk part, which means rebellion, in this case rebellion against being a mindless consumer that is told what to like and where to buy it) They tend to dress in clothing from the steam engine age and mix odd eccentric things out of Victorian era science fiction into their wardrobe just to confuse and entertain. We go dancing a lot on Fridays with these people, tell tall tales to amuse each other at parties, turn just about every kind of party and many outings into a costume event, just to combat the boredom of normalcy, and mostly recycle everything imaginable from something of no value into something people enjoy, such as interesting and unusual clothing or toys. Since they made it just about impossible to work on most things, like cars without special professional tools and a computer brain, I like socking it to the corporate conspiracy and allowing my imagination to make mixed media 3-d functional art instead of buying their crap as much as possible. Life is still hard for almost everyone, but there are no rules that say we can't have fun regardless.

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