Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dramatic Performance Art in Steampunk-League of Steam

I reviewed most of the short films produced by "The League of Steam" today as well as most of the articles they mention in their media section on their web site, (which is an area well worth visiting) and I was very impressed!
Of course I had heard of them and their work, but had never immersed myself in their work before in order to observe in more detail exactly how they put these fun things together.  First, it should be mentioned that they clearly plan out story lines that involve one or another fantasy undead or other monsters as a nemesis, then put together ideas about what toys to use and how to make the best special effects for the work.  Finally, the most important part (since their costuming is naturally immaculate in all their events) they work on ensuring it will be funny!  At least this is the pattern I see when trying to understand their process looking in from the outside.  I know you may be thinking I may have a few valves leaking in my boiler to rehash the obvious, but I am observing from the point of view of an author and occasional playwright (mostly short comedic skits like theirs, but usually on stage rather than film)  that does drama and film and loves it.  As such I assure you there are literally hundreds of different ways to approach everything they do, and I am simply trying to guess their thought process in terms of priorities and focus for their short films.

I have written to them requesting an interview to learn more about how they do their movie magic, motivation behind the priorities and choices they make, more detail about character acting at events, and any other ante-dotes or information they care to share, so this is simply a way of clarifying my thoughts about this one area of their work, which I will be focusing on, before the interview (assuming they agree to it).  In the mean time, I will post a link here to their site.  The media section there has links to many of their most interesting events, articles, reviews, and short films.

This type of performance art, in fact all types of performance art, in the Steampunk sub-culture are still somewhat far and few between when compared with other cultures and even some other sub-cultures that have mainstreamed entertainment heavily, since most cultures consider drama, art, dance, film, and music some of what they love most in life, just as we do.  Literature, mainstream film, art, and fashion are well represented in our sub-culture, but small budget, do it yourself films (other than educational ones that help others to make things which are plentiful and wonderful!) and stage performances in character are rather rare at this point considering the amount of collective talent we have as a group.  I hope to help change that!

I really hope you take the time to immerse yourself in what they are giving to the community as I did.  It is time well spent!

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