Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Steampunk Sea Shanties

I am more of a dancer and a writer than a musician or singer, so while writing songs and poetry, as well as fiction, is normal for me, the technical aspects of putting wave files together etc. is quite new to me, but some friends offered to loan software for putting multiple instrument scores together in an overlay, or maybe I'll just call up some firends and do it the old fashioned way LOL.  One way or another, I'll get this in wave file and attached, but later, when I get over this cold.  Tends to affect the sound qulity don't ya know!

I wrote a rather long ballad like this as a eulogy for my father when he passed away and played it at his funeral.  He was cremated and the memorial done a month later, so I had a bit of time to put it together and I was not the least bit concerned with length or entertainment value in that case, as that was not the point.

In this case, I want the songs to tell a story, but also be fun.  The original Sea Shanty had a whole complete story, but was over 11 verses.  As even I found them a bit long, partly because I haven't been playing guitar enough lately and my fingers were tiring, especially on a steel string guitar, I decided to split it into two songs.  The problem was keeping a coherent story line, but I spent a morning devising a way to do that, and I think it came out quite nicely.  I also had to change the chords and the feel.  I used more minor chords and a different approach playing the chords arpeggio, to make "The Devil's Triangle" more spooky and supernatural sounding while still lovely since it focuses more on sailor's fears about the real historical "Devil's Triangle" (Bermuda Triangle), which is where the very unpleasant gravity wells sometimes appear sending those that survive the trip through to another time. 

Take a look at the finished product:

BTW, what do you think of my idea to make the time travel portal use some elements of real physics such as a gravity well, which how the real theorists say time travel would occur?  Of course my protagonist has to get spat out the other end at around 10 Gs before his body gets squished, or we wouldn't have much of a story after wards.  I also made the trip unpleasant, taxing on the body, frightening, and automatically requiring a 2 week rest between by virtue of the fact the gravity well locations are triggered by the height of the full moon and the exit ramps occur at the opposite low of the new moon.  This was not just because the moon really does have some effect of our gravitational field, which conceivably might trigger some phenomena like eddies in a current, but also because it doesn't serve as a good plot device in my opinion to have too convenient a form of time travel or else we would have the diet coke commercial version of a "do over button" attempts to solve everything instead of an interesting story line with only occasional time travel involved.

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